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"Serenity is knowing that your worst shot is still pretty good."

This Johnny Miller quote really hits home for me when I have days that I just need to recharge, unwind, and get away. Let me share with you a peek of the places I escape to and maybe you can unwind with me just a little bit. Imagine having your custom photo session in settings like these.

We all have those days. Finding our serenity looks different for every one of us. Some people take solace in the beach. It is the mountains for some. Others still escape to the lake or river. Many find their peace in a calm, quiet nook with a good book and favorite drink. For me, it can be all of those. I am incredibly fortunate to be able to photograph in most of those places and that means that my photo sessions are very often also a bit of therapy for me.

Part of my photography journey came about because I wanted to share the beauty that I saw with folks who may never get the chance to see it in person. I've lived in several states around the country and had the chance to visit places that I know some of my friends from those states might never get to. The added bonus with that is that when I take photos to share with those people, I also have them to enjoy myself when I am not able to get away.

I love all of the mountains and valleys and lakes and rivers and streams and grasslands of where I live. Being able to steal away to these places so easily is so good for my soul and my mind...and that is good for my creative eye and ability. Being able to be in peace in this amazing little chunk of nature allows me to sit and just take in everything around me without being rushed.

It is in these unrushed, quiet, serene moments that I often take a different look at those elements all around me. I can see them in a different angle or perspective and find inspiration. I love having the ability to take that and transfer it to my dog and horse photography. To be able to have a vision come to me in these peaceful and unplugged times and then later create beautiful artwork of a beloved four legged friend.

That activity in itself brings me a great amount of serenity as well. And what a wonderful thing that is! Which brings me back to the quote that started this post off. In a place that is as incredibly beautiful as this, it is pretty impossible to take a bad photo. My worst shots are still pretty amazing and that absolutely is serene.

Where do you find your serenity? Is it a location? Specific or general? Is it an activity? I'd love to hear what brings you that peace.

I belong to a group of photographers from around the world that participates in a blog circle. We share entertaining and informative content for your enjoyment! Next up, Seattle Dog Photographer, Holly Cook, shares her favorite place to find serenity and how wildlife inspires her. Once you finish her story, look to the bottom for the next one. Once you make it back here, you know you have completed the circle! Enjoy!

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