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Before Your Session

You and I will meet and make a plan based on your specific horse and artwork preferences. Think about the story you want your session to tell. When we meet, we will discuss this and it will help us determine the session location as well as give me an idea of poses to help tell your story. We will also discuss some clothing and tack options as well as the need for an assistant and any other details specific to your session. Time of day will be important to get the most beautiful lighting for your images, so we will need to schedule the session at the optimal time to take advantage of the natural light. I want to capture memories that you will cherish for a lifetime!

Also be thinking about how you would like to display your images in your home. Wall art or album? Or maybe a Memory Box? Think about what room you plan to put your new artwork in. Snap a photo or two of the room you have in mind. This will help me see the colors and get an idea of dimensions to be able to capture images to fit in perfectly.

During Your Session

This is going to be fun! So just relax! The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed and natural your horse will be.

Expect your session to last between 45 minutes and two hours, depending on the location, the weather and lighting, and the attention span of your horse. There will be a general workflow that we will follow to get a variety of different shots, but it will be flexible enough to change as needed. I will instruct you on posing and make small changes that will create completely different looks. I want you to relax and enjoy yourself and your time with your horse. This is about the two of you together and how much joy your partnership brings. If there will be riding images, those will be done last so there are no sweat lines or marks in the hair from the saddle and pad for the non-riding images.

Cowgirl on bay horse in mountains.jpg
Cowgirl with horse and cowdog.jpg
Cowgirl with horse and cowdog.jpg

After Your Session

Once your session is over, I will go through the images and prepare them for your big reveal! Images may take up to 4 weeks to be completed. I will get in touch with you to set up your Reveal and Ordering appointment where I get to finally share the images with you and we can work together to create the perfect display for your home. Once you have chosen your images and decided on your final order, I send it off to the professional print lab. I only work with labs who strictly work with professional photographers to ensure that you get the highest quality product possible. When your order arrives, I will check to make sure it is perfect and then get in touch with you to set up delivery.

I am looking forward to working with you and your dog and providing you with images to treasure for years to come!

How Should I Prepare My Horse?

Your horse should be clean and well groomed. Any tack to be used during the session should be clean and leather halters are preferred over nylon or rope halters and leads. The goal of your session will be to capture the connection between you and your horse. This means there will be some poses with your hands on your horse's face and neck, your faces close, and your arms around or over the horse's neck. In the days before the session, make sure your horse is used to you doing these things. If your session is going to be during fly season, be sure to spray your horse down with fly spray well. This will help keep your horse more comfortable and his/her attention focused where we want it as well as eliminate stomping and tail swishing. If the location of your session is a place they have never been before, taking them there before the session will give them a chance to check it all out and become accustomed to it.

Cowgirl with paint horse and border collie.jpg
What Should I Wear?

Colors that compliment your horse's color, but not overpower it will make for the most beautiful captures. We want the connection between you to be the focus of the images. Black is universal and looks good with most any color horse, but if it is shedding season, it may not be the best option. It can also overpower a white horse. Jewel tones like red, purple, blue, and pink look great with the bays, blacks, whites, grays, and blue roans in the brunette group. The redhead group of horses includes sorrels, chestnuts, liver chestnuts, red roans, and duns. These horses are complimented by earthy tones such as cream, rust, and chocolate. Palominos, buckskins, and grullas tend to look good with any of those colors and teals, blue/green shades, deep greens, turquoise, and sage tend to be flattering for most horses and riders. White can quickly and easily get dirty, so I don't recommend it in general.

If you are planning to wear a dress for your session, make sure it is long enough and loose enough for any seated or kneeling poses. There may also be poses with your arms raised, so be sure your clothing allows you to do that and that any dress you choose doesn't come up too far. Also be keep in mind that a flowing dress may spook your horse. Some materials make more noise than others in wind or with movement. If you plan to wear a dress, introduce it to your horse several times before your session so he/she isn't seeing it for the first time at your session. Don't forget to consider your shoes and the location! High heels sink into the grass and can make walking challenging! Consider wearing flats and carrying your heels to change out once we are in position.
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