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Before Your Session

You and I will meet and make a plan based on your specific dog and artwork preferences. Before we get together, give some thought to what you would like to see captured about your dog. If there is a look or a quirk or part of their personality that you love. Those things about your pooch that make you smile! I want to create images that represent all of the things you love about your four legged buddy.

Your dog does not need to be professionally groomed for his/her session, but should be clean and brushed, if needed. If you have a show lead or a thin or leather collar, please bring those along. If there are any special treats, toys, or training aids that your dog especially loves, bring those as well.

Also be thinking about how you would like to display your images in your home. Wall art or album? Or maybe a Memory Box? Think about what room you plan to put your new artwork in. Snap a photo or two of the room you have in mind. This will help me see the colors and get an idea of dimensions to be able to capture images to fit in perfectly.

During Your Session

This is going to be fun! So just relax! The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed and natural your dog will be. Your dog does not have to have perfect obedience...I work with Jack Russell Terriers...a LOT!! LOL! If your dog knows some tricks or commands, we will probably use them. If he/she doesn't, that is perfectly fine! I have some tricks and tools and we will get beautiful images of your dog no matter what!

Sessions are dictated by your dog. Attention spans and patience can vary from breed to breed and individual to individual, so I will watch your dog's body language and not push them past their comfort zone. Depending on the dog, we may get the images needed very quickly or it may take some time for your pupper to relax and feel comfortable. The main thing is that this is about your dog and I want him/her to have fun (and you, too!) and be able to create images you will treasure. I will likely be having you help to get your dog's attention directed and possibly some action shots. This may require you be behind me calling them or making noises, but there may also be times that I need for you to be quiet, too. I will give you direction throughout the session.

Schnauzer pup in flowers

After Your Session

Once your session is over, I will go through the images and prepare them for your big reveal! Images may take up to 4 weeks to be completed. I will get in touch with you to set up your Reveal and Ordering appointment where I get to finally share the images with you and we can work together to create the perfect display for your home. Once you have chosen your images and decided on your final order, I send it off to the professional print lab. I only work with labs who strictly work with professional photographers to ensure that you get the highest quality product possible. When your order arrives, I will check to make sure it is perfect and then get in touch with you to set up delivery.

I am looking forward to working with you and your dog and providing you with images to treasure for years to come!

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