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Hounds Around Town

Updated: May 13, 2023

Wyoming is known for it's wide open spaces and beautiful mountains. For sure, I take advantage of all of it's natural beauty for photo sessions,'s small towns and big cities, both, have some unique architecture and attractions if you tend to have a bit more a cosmopolitan dog!

I actually enjoy cruising around town and looking for unique backdrops. More than once, I have had a client tell me, "I didn't even know this was here!" while we did their dog's custom session. Many of the folks driving through never see the hidden little nooks and crannies and the beauty that can be found in an alley or in worn buildings. Let me show you how I see things...and put your dog on center stage there.

What if you like the nature look but don't have time to travel to the mountains south of Douglas or to Glendo Reservoir for your session with me? I understand how important time is. A busy life and time constraints shouldn't prevent you from having beautiful images to celebrate your dog. The great news is that there are also wonderful little pockets of nature right in town! Here are just a few examples...

These images are merely a sampling of the beautiful settings locally to me. No matter what your style (or rather, your dog's style, amirite??) I am confident we can create gorgeous images that suit your dog and your home perfectly! Give me a call or email me and let's start planning our session.

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If you answered "Yes", I have good news for you! I am part of a blog circle comprised of pet photographers from all over the world. To see the next post on this topic, Sharon Canovas highlights the creative side of The Hammer. Follow the links at the bottom of her blog and continue around the circle. When you find yourself back here, you know you made it all the way around! Happy reading!

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Nicole Hrustyk
Nicole Hrustyk
2023년 5월 19일

Your urban areas look so cool, and I love that you have pockets of nature close by!

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