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One of My Favorite Poses...

Just in time for Valentine's Day...The Kiss!

You love your horse, right?

Of course you do! That is why you decided to hire a professional photographer to capture beautiful images of them!

I love to be able to create images of your horse that you can show off with pride, but my most favorite images are the ones that show the emotion. Those images are the ones where you are interacting with your horse. Sometimes you don't even know I am taking those photos.

My favorite interaction images are the ones where you are kissing your horse. Many time it is on the muzzle, but not always.

But let's be honest can you resist kissing that soft snoot? There is just something about that velvety smooth softness that begs to have you pucker up.

The good news for me is that you end up very relaxed and just simply enjoying your horse. That translates into such a wonderful expression from you. An expression that makes anyone who sees the image smile and feel that emotion and connection between you and your horse.

And that is what it is really all about in the end, isn't it?


Call me a hopeless romantic, but I will always love those kiss photos from your session!

What are your thoughts? Do you like this pose, too? Let's start planning your session and create beautiful artwork that celebrates your horse and shows the love you have for him or her!

Did you enjoy reading this and seeing these images? Would you like to see more? Good news! I am part of a circle of amazing photographers from around the world that link to each other to bring you great reads at the tip of your fingers. Up next, I Got the Shot Photography's Elaine Tweedy gives you the simple formula she uses to create easy, everyday photos. Keep clicking on the links at the bottom of the posts and when you find yourself back on this page, you know you have completed the circle!

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