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My Dog Will Run Off!

And other common safety fears...

Do those words ring true for you? They do for a lot of pet owners and this is one of the most common things I hear from folks when first asking about a custom photo session to celebrate their dog. They think it is not possible because their dog must be on a leash.

Guess what??? Most all of the dogs I photograph are on leashes! Yep!

There are some dogs that come in front of my camera that are very well trained and very dependable not to break that training, this is true. However, the bulk of the dogs I photograph are on leash...even if they are highly trained. This is because my sessions put safety above all else. If your dog is kept safe by being tethered to you, we are free to relax and work on creating images that capture your dog's wonderful expression and character. One of my many skills as a photographer is making sure that nobody can tell by looking at your photos that your dog was safely on a lead the entire time!

Keeping your pupper restrained is not the only concern that may arise, however. Are you worried about hot pavement? Me, too. So...I sit or lay on the ground in shorts more often than not while photographing your pup. This helps me keep track of just how hot the ground is getting so we can make adjustments if needed or even call it a day. This is also one of the reasons I prefer to schedule summer sessions in the early mornings. Not only is the lighting much better than mid day, but mornings tend to be the coolest which means your dog is more comfortable and that tends to lead to better expressions in photos.

Keeping your pet mentally safe is a concern as well. I am constantly watching your dog for signs of stress or indications that he/she is just truly done and over it all. I don't want to stress your pup out at all so if I see that they are not comfortable with posing up on something or a feature of some sort or even the entire location, we will pause and regroup and adjust. My session locations have enough variety and I have enough options that there is no need to force your dog to do something it is not comfortable with.

What other safety concerns do you have that keep you from scheduling your custom session? Let me know...we can talk about how I manage those concerns so you can breathe easy and just enjoy your session.

I belong to a group of photographers from around the world that participates in a blog circle. We share entertaining and informative content for your enjoyment! Next up is, Angela Schneider of Big White Dog Photography, sharing how she greets dogs with anxiety during a photo shoot. Once you finish her story, look to the bottom for the next one. Once you make it back here, you know you have completed the circle! Enjoy!

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