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Providing Full Service

According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of "full service" is "providing comprehensive service of a particular kind." So, what does that mean when I tell you that I am a Full Service Photographer? Let's go for a little dive into it!

Your custom photo experience with me is actually a series of things, not just one single meeting where we take the photos. Your experience will start with a planning meeting. This is where I get to know you and your horse/dog's uniqueness. I learn what is important to you so that I can run our session together in the best way to achieve the artwork you are looking for. Depending on your goals, we may set a specific time and date for your session then or we may have a group of dates that we are aiming for. The latter usually happens for fall and winter sessions as they are more likely to be dependent on weather changes. This planning session is also where you get to see and touch the products that I offer. You can ask questions about them and begin to envision your own beautiful images on them. Having your hands on things makes deciding on products so much easier, no matter what products you are talking about. Rather than me just explaining the difference between a mounted print, a canvas, and a metal, you can see, and feel, the difference for yourself rather than just browsing a catalog or website and not really knowing how it will look.

The next part of the experience is the actual photo session. If your session is on location (meaning, not at your home or barn), I will have already scouted it out and have an idea how the light will fall and where to start the session and where to end the session to maximize the use of that light. I will also have bottles of water and dog bowls to make sure your dog stays hydrated. I will know the boundaries between public and private land as well as the features of that location that will provide you with images unlike anyone else's. In the days following your session, I will put together a collection of images for you to choose from at our next meeting...the most fun and exciting one, the reveal and ordering session.

This is the really fun part! As a Full Service Photographer, I am able to guide you through the entire process of not only choosing your images, but also how to display them. I am there for you to immediately ask questions. I am also able to help you realize what is important for you by asking you some key questions as you go through your images. I am even able to show you what your images would actually look like on the wall of a room in your house! The best part of it all is that once you decide, I take care of all of the rest! The only thing you need to do is relax and know that all of the work of finding a quality product and actually placing an order and dealing with customer service with any issues is being handled FOR you. Your chosen images will be fully edited and sent to the professional print lab for you. When they arrive, I completely inspect them and handle any errors or problems for you. This leads us up to the best part of your experience...the delivery. We will meet up one more time and I get to watch your face light up when you see the gorgeous artwork that we worked together to create.

Your experience with a Full Service Photographer is so much more than them pressing a button and delivering unedited image files. This Full Service Photographer creates and delivers custom and unique artwork to celebrate your dog or horse for many, many years to come.

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If you answered "Yes", I have good news for you! I am part of a blog circle comprised of pet photographers from all over the world. To see the next post on this topic, Seattle Dog Photographer, Holly Cook, wants to inspire you to consider how dogs serve us and how we can serve them. Follow the links at the bottom of her blog and continue around the circle. When you find yourself back here, you know you made it all the way around! Happy reading!

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