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They Leave Hoofprints on Your Heart

Horses just hit different. I don't know how to explain it, but they do. Even if you do not ride. To the point that there is a whole group of folks that have incorporated them into different types of therapies. Physical therapy is the obvious, but more and more, horses are being used to help people through all kinds of different emotional traumas and it is simply amazing. To watch a horse hone in on an individual and just seem to know what that person needs right at that time...from the middle of a lead rope, no halter. Those connections are intense and if you are fortunate enough to own a horse that you have a connection with, not just any snapshot can ever really capture that bond.

My activities with my horses have led me to meet many other people who have had similar experiences. That special horse that gave them their confidence back. The one that took them all the way to the top. The one that got them through bad times. This is why specialization is important in photography. Different niches require different sets of skills and seeing those moments that truly represent those unique bonds is absolutely a skill. I am often in awe of wedding and wildlife photographers, in particular, but I also know I do not have what is required for those particular genres.

In this day and age, everyone has their phones with them all the time. The truth of the matter is that most of these phones have really, really good cameras, too! The moms and the uncles and the grandparents are snapping the photos and they are really pretty good quality photos for just being from a cell phone. They are easy to upload to social media to share with friends and family and great to make as our wallpapers on our phones to be able to look at often. With so many versions of cameras available and accessible, we are capturing so many moments every day. Those moments and memories are definitely important and I always encourage folks to just take the photos...take day you will be glad you did. But I also encourage people to work with a professional photographer that has chosen that thing that makes your heart sing as their focal point.

As a photographer that specializes in portraits of you and your horse, I see the the little details that others may miss...the distracting things in the background, the wonky ear, the foot that makes the hip look odd. I have a bag of tricks to help fix those things that will turn *just a photo* into beautiful wall art. I am constantly learning different ways to pose you and your horse and I am able to read body language to see when that perfect moment is coming. And you know what else? I absolutely live for catching those moments! It is so much more than just a job for me. It sounds quaint to say it, but it really is a passion and there is nothing I enjoy more than working with clients to create that perfect wall art that celebrates their bond with that special horse in their life.

I belong to a group of photographers from around the world that participates in a blog circle. The next blog post is MA and NH photographer Darlene Woodward of Pant the Town Photography shares her niche of photographing pets and the bond they share with their families. Once you finish her story, look to the bottom for the next one. Once you make it back here, you know you have completed the circle! Enjoy!

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