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Great Horse Quotes

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

Some of my very favorite horse quotes...

"A good rider can hear his horse speak to him. A great rider can hear his horse whisper."


"When riding a horse, we borrow freedom."

-Helen Thomson

"A great horse will change your life. The truly special ones define it."


"No philosophers so thoroughly understand us as dogs and horses."

-Herman Melville

"The air of heaven is that which blows between the horse's ears."

-Arab Proverb

"I would travel only by horse, if I had the choice."

-Linda McCartney

"No hours of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle."

-Winston Churchill

"There is no secret so close as that between a rider and his horse."

-Robert Smith Surtees

"Courage is be scared to death but saddling up anyway."

-John Wayne

"There are things that the horse did for me that a human couldn't have done."

-Buck Brannaman

Which one is your favorite? Do you have a favorite that is not listed here? Tell us in the comments! I expect this list to grow as I come across quotes that speak to me...

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