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Full Speed Ahead!

Life may have come at me sideways in 2022, but I have gathered up my strength and ambition and creativity and I am so excited for some new things to come in 2023!

I am not one for setting New Year's Resolutions, but I do take this time of the year to make business plans for the year ahead.

Last year I implemented a charitable donation to the Jack Russell Terrier Research Foundation with every session and I intend to continue that this year. I also was able to set up a booth for the first time at an agility event. I plan to attend a few more of those events this year to get a chance to meet some of you in person and show you some of the amazing quality artwork products that I offer. I am hoping you bring your horse or dog by so I can meet them and snap a quick selfie, too!

For new things, well...I am deep in the middle of working out the details on some special sessions and some location shoots. These first couple of months are so cold, usually, that I take this time to work out new things, evaluate old things, update things, plan things. My camera bodies and lenses also get sent in for some TLC and a well earned vacation so they come back to me in perfect condition to capture lasting moments and memories of you special dog or horse...or both! This is certainly an exciting and super busy time of the year even if the shutter isn't clicking.

While I may not be actively shooting sessions right now, I do have the schedule for my entire year plotted out, so it is never too early to book a session to Celebrate Your Horse or Celebrate Your Dog! Spring session dates will be here before you know it!

Bring on 2023!! Woot! I am charging full speed ahead into her!!!

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If you answered "Yes", I have good news for you! I am part of a blog circle comprised of pet photographers from all over the world. To see the next post on this topic, head over to see how Northern California pet photographer Kylee Doyle shares some of the unique ways you and your pet can work with her in 2023. Follow the links at the bottom of her blog and continue around the circle. When you find yourself back here, you know you made it all the way around! Happy reading!

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3 comentarios

Nicole Hrustyk
Nicole Hrustyk
08 ene 2023

Happy 2023!

Me gusta

Elaine Tweedy
Elaine Tweedy
06 ene 2023

I find that a month or so of down time is really helpful to the creative process. We all need a break. Here's to your very successful 2023!

Me gusta
Erin Schwartzkopf
Erin Schwartzkopf
07 ene 2023
Contestando a

Oh yes!! For sure! It definitely helps to have a bit of a change up to keep your mind fresh!

Me gusta
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