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Celebrate Your Horse

I don't often do blog posts spotlighting sessions, but this particular session was pretty special.

You see, every horse deserves to have a little girl love it. Uno finished out his last years being loved very, very much by a young lady that made the decision on when to give him the kindest final gift we can give...release from his pain. Her momma wanted her to have her very own photo session with him to remember him by.

But Uno wasn't the only horse on this property that is very loved. His girl has an older sister as well as a twin that both very much love their horses. So once Uno's session was well captured, we moved on to the other two girls.

This was very much a Girls Day. Dad was out of state and it was just Momma and her three littles doing something super special, so we had to get a shot of all of them and the horses, too.

As we finished up and everyone lined up for a group silhouette, well...Dad's horse made sure that Dad was represented by making sure he got in the photo, too.

Do you have a horse that you want to celebrate? Let's talk!

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